This race is organized for long-distance runners (professionals or non-professionals) who are at least 18 years old and who are medically, physically and mentally fit to sustain this type of effort.

For all the trials, excepting the 12h Relay – 4 persons, it is MANDATORY to present a medical certificate from your family doctor, stating that you are in good health and fit for this event, and to hand it over to the organizers upon picking-up your participation kit.

The medical certificates must be dated not more than one month before the contest (20th April 2023).

For your own safety, before registering for the race, WE RECOMMEND doing the following tests:

  • EKG while exercising;
  • EKG at rest;
  • Blood tests (in order to reveal any potential severe anemia etc.)


  • S24H is an ultra-running race that takes place in Timisoara, Romania, in “Ion Creanga” Children’s Park (address: 20, Bulevardul Revolutiei din 1989);
  • The course consists of one paved loop of 1222,48 meter, lit during night time. On the loop there will be two hydration/refreshment points (providing water, glucose, electrolytes, fruit, pretzels, chocolate);
  • Photos and videos of runners and crowds will be taken before, during and after the race. By registering and taking part in this race, runners accept that any such footage can be used by organizers for creating clips, collages, covers or any other advertising materials designed to promote the event and running in general;
  • S24H photos and results constitute public documents and can be used for statistical or research purposes without the participants’ consent;
  • The Organizer can grant wild-cards at any time to renowned runners who wish to take part into the race, besides the total number of available places;
  • Organizers can refuse participation in the race for runners which they deem not to be physically fit enough or lacking the experience required for the event they enrolled with or participants which cannot show the required equipment at Start;
  • Runners may store their own equipment, sleeping bag, food, energy drinks etc., in the especially designated pavilions tents assigned to them on the loop;
  • The BIB number has to be visible from the front side during the whole period of the race. Runners who lose it shall be disqualified;
  • Runners have access to two public toilets in the park, right next to the loop; the Organizers will also place eco-toilets on the course.
  • Runners must manage by themselves, without pacers;
  • Walking sticks are not allowed;
  • For the whole period, participants are allowed to run, walk, to take breaks, to eat or to sleep, but without leaving the competition area. If the participants want to leave the competition area, they must hand their chip and bib at the timing table. Once left, the athlete can no longer rejoin the competition and only the completed full laps run by that time will be scored and rated as the official performance.
  • Short breaks: A short rest for drinking, shoe or dress change, use of toilet, use of medical support etc. is always possible without announcement of the break, but the athlete must leave and enter the race course on the same point.
  • Longer breaks: A longer break must be announced at the lap counting station and the break must begin and end at the starting line (electronic timing station).

For the 6, 12 and 24-hour trials:

  • The runner / the relay who / which will cover the longest distance in 6, 12 or 24 hours will be declared the winner. If a tie, the runner / the relay who / which covered most loops in the last 3 hours of the race will be declared the winner;
  • All 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours races must be finished by the final signal given at exactly the appropriate fixed time after the start of the race, i.e. exactly after 06h:00min:00sec, 12h:00min:00sec; 24h:00min:00sec. Absolutely no any exceptions to this rule are allowed, not even in the case of special circumstances like an “act of God”, e.g. thunderstorms, accidents etc.
  • If, because of special circumstances an interruption must be made, the time of duration of the interruption must not be added to the official fixed period of time; e.g. in the case of a 15 minute interruption during a 24 hour race the race must finish at exactly 24:00:00 hours (not 24:15:00h) after the start. Remark: The reason is to guarantee world wide the same conditions and not to give the participants of a race an ‘unfair advantage’ of an additional break/rest for the duration of the interruption.
  • The covered distances must be measured as exactly as possible by scoring/rating the covered full laps and by addition of the measured ‘restmeters’ of the last incomplete lap. In order to ensure the exact final positions of the athletes at the moment of the end of the race the following precautions must be taken:
    1. The final signal, given normally by firing a gun, must be very clearly audible on the whole race course (important on large loops).
    2. The lap of the race course shall be divided in sections with exact measured and fixed 100 m marks.
    3. Each participant shall receive at the begin of the last lap a small sand bag or similar object marked with the corresponding race number of the runner – the runner must drop his numbered sand back immediately and vertically on the bottom while he hears the final signal. The referees start the measurement of the ‘rest meters’ covered by all finishers during the last lap (Several measurers can start the measurement simultaneously from the fixed 100 m marks (Start, 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, 400 m etc.).
    4. If in the case of special circumstances an accurate measurement of the ‘rest meters’ can not be guaranteed, then only the completed full laps run before the final signal must/shall be scored and rated as the official performances of the participants.
    5. The same method of rating the completed full laps shall be used if a participant finishes the race before the end of the fixed official competition time. There is no obligation for an athlete to be present during the closing stages or laps. Performances achieved on the basis of scoring/rating of covered full laps can be recognized as national or continental or world best performances.
  • Relay: If one of the team members gets injured during the event, the team does not leave the competition, but waits for the next swap.
  • A person may participate in only one individual trial (6, 12 or 24h), but may be part of a relay and continue running in an individual trial. In the latter case, that person will be the first to start in his/her team.
  • The person who will be part of a relay and will also run on an individual trial will take the start with 2 bibs. After completing the appropriate time as a member of the relay (6 or 3 hours), he/she will hand over the bib to the next team member and will continue the individual race. The kilometers run as a member of the relay will also be counted for the individual trial. In a relay there can be maximum one person who also participates in an individual trial.

For the 50 and 100 km trials:

  • The individuals attending the 50 and 100 km trials CANNOT be part of a relay.
  • Winners will be declared the racers who covered the indicated distance within the fastest time. Each participant will keep record of his/her number of kilometers covered and will stop when he/she covered the entire distance for which he/she signed up.
  • Time limit for the 50 km trial: 6h 30min
  • Time limit for the 100 km trial: 13h


This race is organized for long-distance runners (professionals or non-professionals) who are at least 18 years old and who are medically, physically and mentally fit to sustain this type of effort.

The individuals who have not turned 18 yet, but nevertheless they wish to take part in one of the competition trials, they can only do so if they notify the organizers beforehand at the email address and bring the written and signed consent of both parents/legal tutors. The organizers reserve the right to check the athlete’s history in ultra-running and make the final decision whether or not to allow the athlete who has not turned 18 yet (on the competition start date) to take part in the competition.


You may register for the S24H International Ultra Running Race by filling in the online application form available in the Registration section. Before registering, please make sure that you have carefully read the description of this race and that you have chosen the event that fits your level of physical fitness best.


Organizers reserve the right to postpone the race in case of unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, in exceptional circumstances, the race may be cancelled – in this case, registered participants will be informed in advance.


Organizers reserve the right to stop a participant if she/he has injured her/himself after starting the race or if her/his physical condition prevents her/him from continuing the race or in other exceptional circumstances.

Any runner who cannot or who does not wish to continue the race, regardless of the reason, must inform the organizers about this without delay, either at the Start area or at the control points, or by calling them while on the loop at the emergency numbers which will be provided.


A runner will be disqualified if she/he’s:

  • cutting the loop;
  • showing un-sporty behavior towards fellow runners, race officials, public;
  • changes or loses the BIB number.


  • Participants assume full responsibility directly for taking part in this race (by signing the statement of sole responsibility), and organizers shall not be liable if runners injure or hurt themselves, during or as a result of taking part in this race.
  • At the Start area there will be a first-aid point where emergency medical attention can be provided, if needed.
  • Organizers shall not be liable for any items lost or forgotten on the loop, during or after the race.


By paying the participation fee, runners shall receive the following benefits:

  • The experience of an international ultrarunning competition organized at high quality standards, with attention to the needs of the participants;
  • Participating in an IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) certified competition, on a route which is measured and approved by IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations);
  • The race kit: BIB number, official t-shirt, presents from our sponsors;
  • Finisher medal;
  • Timing chip;
  • Individual monitoring of the distance covered;
  • Online leaderboard, participation diploma;
  • Access to the pasta party;
  • Access at the two hydration / refreshment points on the loop (providing water, electrolytes, fruit, glucose, pretzels, chocolate);
  • Two warm meals per day for runners participating in the 100km, 12h and 24h races;
  • Storage space for own equipment in pavilions / tents allocated on the loop;
  • Photographs during the race;
  • Massage during physical effort;
  • Emergency medical service.


  • If you need to cancel your participation for a good reason, please inform the organizers by e-mail;
  • The participation fee is non-refundable and shall not be considered as a contribution to any of our future events;
  • Nevertheless, you have the option to transfer your registration to another person, by sending a request at until 8th May 2023, 11:30 AM at the latest. It is your sole responsibility to find another person for this purpose.
  • Also, until 8th May 2023, at 11:30 AM, you may change your initially chosen trial by sending an email to In case you move from a longer trial to a shorter trial, the tax difference will not be returned. If you switch from a shorter trial to a longer trial, you will only pay the difference between the two participation fees (namely the fee already paid for the first trial and the fee of the second trial during the switchover).
  • After 8th May 2023, at 11:30 AM, we won’t be able to accept any other modifications, due to organizational reasons.


Individual races: 6h, 12h, 24h, 50km, 100km

Categories: Men, Women

Age categories:

  • 18-35
  • 36-49
  • 50+ years old

12h Relay continuously

Categories: Men, Women, Mixed

Categories: 2 or 4 runners

Rules for relays:

  • The 12h Relay consists of 2 or 4 people who will each run continuously for 6, respectively 3 hours. The swap inside the relay is done at the Start area.
  • Mixed relay teams are included in the Men’s relay race and shall be ranked/awarded accordingly.


Each finisher will be awarded a participation medal and diploma.

Awards will be presented to the following races and categories:

Individual races 6h, 12h, 24h, 50km, 100km

  • First three male runners
  • First three female runners

Age categories (men and women)

  • 18-35
  • 36-49
  • 50+ years old

The age categories where there will be less than 3 participants will be combined with another age category for the awards.

12h Relay

  • Men’s General Open – first three places for 2 runners relay
  • Women’s General Open – first three places for 2 runners relay
  • Men’s General Open – first three places for 4 runners relay
  • Women’s General Open – first three places for 4 runners relay

Mixed relays are included in the Men’s relay race and they shall be ranked/awarded accordingly.


  • BIB number (must be visible during the entire race – compulsory for all races);
  • Running shoes for ultra-distances (recommended);
  • A change of jacket, long sleeve shirt and pants (recommended for the individual 24hour-race);
  • Individual, personalized cutlery, food-cases and drinking bottles, to be deposited at the two refreshment points or in the allocated pavilions / tents (recommended). We encourage you to bring your own flask/bottle to refill at the hydration points.