inscrieri S24H 2018

Dear runner, we are bringing you good news at the beginning of the year!

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for the most challenging ultra-running race in Romania.

For us, the S24H team, but also for many of you, this event is the best! A lot of soul, emotion, determination, great organisation, friendship and fair-play – should we say how we would describe this wonderful experience or should we let you continue?

You better register, go beyond your limits, convince yourself and then inspire others around you to do the same!

This year we organise the S24H ultra-running race between September 20th – 23rd 2018, in Timisoara, at the “Children’s Park”, on a 1.236 meter long lap! The longest non-stop running event in Romania grows this year from 48 to 72 hours, being the first of its kind in our country, so we say it is worthwhile to be part of this beautiful story!

The big surprise this year?

We have grown from a 48 hour race to a 72 hour race because we aim to offer a special experience to all Romanian and international ultra runners. In addition, we come with a bonus: the individual 6 hour running race.

Therefore, this year we have a total of 6 trials you can register to: Individual 6h, Individual 12h, Individual 24h, Individual 48h, Individual 72h and the 12h Relay race.

The call for registration is for everybody all over the world. We hope that you would agree to register as quickly as possible to this event because the places are limited!

Our race is supported by the Romanian Athletics Federation and the IAU – International Association of Ultrarunners, being a Bronze Label certified competition, therefore, the final results of the participants are recognised in international rankings. For all of you, we undertake the mission to be professionals!

If you want to keep up to date with the S24H race during the next period, you may subscribe to our newsletter on the website (activation with link for the page where newsletter is) and you can follow us on our Facebook page (activation with link for FB).

Do not forget, during September 20th – 23rd 2018 we meet in Timisoara to celebrate sports, friendship and limit-breaking through running!