“Great IAU labeled race, wonderful people, intense route with great support! I totally recommend S24H Timisoara!” (Saša Gacik – S24H runner – 2nd edition, 2017)

“Diana, hats off to you! You are an example that if you really want something, there is no ‘I can’t’. I’m so glad I participated in this race with some absolutely extraordinary athletes!” (Monica Nyesti – S24H runner – 2nd edition, 2017)

“The organizers build a family atmosphere where participants, volunteers, organizers and supporters form a whole. I saw excitement and I saw that us, the runners, were in the center of this competition. I saw continuous concern to solve every request and I saw availability, tears of emotion and smiles of joy.” (Sorin Costea – S24H runner – 2nd edition, 2017)

“An impeccably organized event, with dedicated volunteers and a beautiful, friendly atmosphere. I think it’s the perfect race for those who want to get into ultra running and get inspired by super-people. Can’t wait to come back next year!” (Andra Calenic – S24H runner – 2nd edition, 2017)

„S24H has been a great race in every aspect, excellent organization, helpful and very dedicated volunteers, the track has been well chosen and marked, hydration and food were more than sufficient – congratulations Diana Amza and the Running SuperMoms.” (Stan Turcu – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„S24H is an excellent contest organized with passion by people who do know what this sport is all about. Congratulations Diana Amza for your achievements in Timisoara. In maximum 2 years, you’ll have foreign runners mostly, I have a feeling about this.” (Vlad Tanase – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„S24H Timisoara – I love you. 24 hours…181 km…over 30.000 calories burned. The dimension of your success is measured through the power of your desire, the size of your dream and the way you manage your disappointing moments on your way to success… To Diana Amza, the Running SuperMoms, to all volunteers and competitors – CONGRATULATIONS and RESPECT for creating this event.” (Nicu Buceanu – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„Super S24H. This weekend I participated in the first contest of this kind organized in Romania, impeccably organized, very close to international standards, by Diana Amza and her team.” (Istvan Szokolszky – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„My first real podium and not at any race – it’s S24H – running non-stop for 24 hours. I managed to run 200 km, taking the 3rd place on the general ranking, much more than I’ve imagined I could do. Firstly, I would like to thank God for helping me finalize this race in good health, it was a particularly difficult race both physically and especially mentally. Last but not least, I would like to thank the organizer, Diana Amza, for this excellently organized event.” (David Iancu – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„Thank you very much Diana Amza for this exceptionally organized contest. It’s the best organized event that I’ve ever participated in, nothing to reproach to the organizers from my side.” (Arnold Dekani – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)</p>

„Thank you Diana Amza for having organized this contest, together with your “gang”, Due to this contest I was able to see my performances for 12h of running, thank you everyone for watching breathlessly.” (Nenu Mariana – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„Superb organization, an exceptional race. Thank you Diana Amza and the team of volunteers, you’ve been fantastic!” (Dragos Roua – S24H runner – 1st edition, 2016)

„How it was at S24H? Very difficult for everyone involved! Each one of us has made a sacrifice – whether we talk about organizers, volunteers, participants or massage team. What did we gain in the end? The memory of a Super Event, created by a Super Team! Thank you Diana Amza and Running SuperMoms for making it possible!” (Florin Chindea – S24H masseur – 1st edition, 2016)

„This way I would like to thank you for everything. Diana Amza and all volunteers, assistant work who were amazing. I got lot of support and encouragement. It was a hard and beautiful race for me. The event was perfect and well organized. Thanks again and I hope next year meet again.” (Levente Halama – S24H runner and winner of the 1st edition, 2016)