Round-up of the IAU 24-Hour Run European Championships in Timisoara

Campionatul European de 24 de ore alergare de la Timişoara

The 22nd edition of the IAU 24-Hour Run European Championships is over!

We have witnessed an extraordinary competition, where athletes pushed beyond their limits and broke down a number of personal bests.

The Championship could be watched live on Facebook and on the website, and the results were also visible in real time.

In the competition, Poland single out, by gathering 3 out of the 4 European titles: Women’s single (Patrycja Bereznowska – 243.35 km), Men’s single (Andrzej Radzikowski – 265.41 km) and Women’s teams (720.45 km). In Men’s teams, the French athletes ranked highest, with 754.62 km.

The full final results are available here.

For the first time, Romania was represented by a national team, thus we also have the first national records in 24-hour running:

  • Mara Guler-Cionca – 212.53 km (15th place)
  • Florin Ioniță – 225.98 km (22nd place)

Floricica Neacșu ranked the 29th, with 194.77 km, and Ana Maria Roșioară ranked 65th, with 122.28 km.

In men’s competition, Florin Sebastian Ioniță was followed by Răzvan Farkas, who ranked 48th, with a performance of 192.68 km, Claudiu Gorgan, who ranked 51st, with 190.44 km travelled, Mihai Vlad Pantiș, who ranked 61st, 175.33 km; David Traian Iancu, who ranked 80th, 130.33 km travelled and Bogdan Ofițeru, who ranked 89th, with 112.71 km.

We received a lot of thank you notes and congratulations, which is a sign that we accomplished our mission to hold a high quality Championship.

In our turn, we are grateful to our partners, with whom we have built an unforgettable experience for the European teams: The Romanian Athletics Federation, Ministry of Youth and Sports, International Association of Ultrarunners, media sponsors and partners, and last but not least, the volunteers who got involved wholeheartedly and made the guests feel welcome to Timișoara.

We also extend our thanks to you, those who watched the competition online or came to encourage the athletes personally!

Together we have built a Championship in Romania, which the whole Europe will gratefully remember for many years to come!