S24H 2020 is cancelled


Dear runners,

Considering the evolution of the coronavirus spread and the public safety measures taken by the authorities as a result of implementing the state of urgency in Romania, we have decided to cancel the S24H 2020 edition.

As expected, social priorities have changed because of the pandemic.

Many companies experience an economic collapse due to the sudden cessation of their activity. Other companies, which still have economic power, direct all their financial efforts mainly to hospitals and for the purchase of medical equipment, so that Romania can face the high number of infections estimated for the months to follow.

The change of the society’s economic paradigm makes it impossible for us to organize a quality event this year. Without the support of the sponsors, S24H cannot take place, as the expenses generated by the contest are much higher than the sums collected from the runners as entry fees.

Moreover, considering the specificity of the ultramarathon competition, where the participants’ immunity takes the hit in the weeks after the long run, we think that holding the competition would represent an irresponsible gesture and would endanger the health of the runners, of their families and communities, in the context of the coronavirus presence in Romania.

For all these reasons, related to public safety, our health and the economic decline, this year we will not be able to organize the International Endurance Running Competition S24H in Timisoara.

At the same time, will be cancelled the National 6H, 12H and 24H Run Championship and the Balkan Challenge 6H Run, scheduled to take place concurrently with the international competition S24H.

The Romanian Athletics Federation reserves its right to analyse this year whether is advisable to organize the National Championship of 6, 12 and 24 hours of running in the second part of 2020. The decision will depend also on the decisions taken at an international level on whether the major IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) championships are still being held or not this year.

What is our proposal related to the entry fees already paid?

Due to the fact that from the beginning of the organization of the S24H 2020 edition, money has already been spent on website maintenance, online registration system, accounting, communication, graphics, bilingual translations, the solution we propose is to return 80% of the entry fee of those who registered and paid already and to use the remaining 20% of the entry fee to cover the expenses generated by the organization of the contest until now.

We hope that such a solution satisfies all parties, which have to cruise together in these difficult moments.

To this end, we ask the athletes who have registered and already paid the entry fee, to write an email at the email address contact@s24h.ro until April 30, 2020, indicating us the bank details where you want us to transfer the 80% of the entry fee. We mention that the entry fees already paid will not be reported for the S24H 2021 edition.

We would be happy to have your understanding and support for this difficult decision.

We recommend that you direct your attention in the following months towards your personal safety and the safety of your family and dear ones, as well as for supporting those who need us most.

Let’s see each other again healthy!


The S24H Team