We are ending the year 2019 with two good news

Individual S24H 2020 races have received IAU certification

For the S24H 2020 edition, we have received the IAU certification (International Association of Ultrarunners) for all three individual trials, as follows:

  • The 24-hour trial – IAU Golden Label
  • The 12-hour trial – IAU Silver Label
  • The 6-hour trial – IAU Bronze Label

These distinctions attest the excellent results of runners from previous editions of the competition. You can find out more about IAU certifications in this article.

At the 2016 and 2017 editions, the S24H competition enjoyed the Bronze Label IAU Certification, and starting with the 2018 edition we had the IAU Golden Label certification for the 24-hour running race.

The results of the S24H participants have been and will continue to be recognised in the international rankings of ultrarunners.

The first edition of the 6h Balkan Challenge will take place in Romania

In 2020 we take another bold step for ultrarunning and, within S24H, will host the “6H Balkan Challenge”, a premiere competition at Euro-regional level, at which athletes from all Balkan countries will be invited.

The purpose of the event is to support ultrarunning values and to strengthen the sportive connections among countries at a regional level, but also to promote team spirit. Thus, there will only be the team trials, both for male and female runners.

More details about the 6h Balkan Challenge will be available in January 2020 at www.s24h.ro

Thank you for an amazing 2019!

We are grateful for your friendship and happy that you are part of the #s24hFamily!

We wish a 2020 full of successful races, special moments and strong knees! Hope to see you again safe and sound next year!

Yours friendly,
S24H Team