S24H 2019 has received the IAU Golden Label

We are happy to announce that this year too,the S24H competition has received the IAU Golden Label!
Our high standard race in Timisoara is internationally recognized!

The S24H race has been awarded the IAU Bronze Label since its first edition, in 2016, being the first Romanian endurance race to benefit from this certification. In 2018, our event received the Golden Label, thanks to the very good results achieved by the athletes on the competition course.

We invite you to read below what IAU certifications are and why they are important for an ultramarathon race.

What are the IAU Labels?
The IAU Labels are certificationsgranted bythe International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU)toultradistance races.

The ultramarathon racescan receive one of the following labels:
• IAU Gold Label
• IAU Silver Label
• IAU Bronze Label
The Labels are given to IAU official distance races: 100 km, 100 miles, 50 km, 1000 km, 1000 miles, 24 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 48 hours, 6 days.

What are the criteria for receivinga IAU Label?

1. Race history and performance
Gold – the race must have existed for 3 years (3 editions) at least and if not, it must have had an IAU silver label for the previous year.
Silver – the race must have existed for 2 years at least. As proof, the organisation must send the results of the previous 2 years if the course hadn’t had a silver label the previous year.

2. Elite performances
• Gold and Silver – at least 5 athletes (mixed men and women) performances at international (gold) ornational level (silver) in one of the three previous years.

M – Men, W – Women, INT – International Level, NAT – National Level

3. Course Measurement
Gold – the course must be measured by an Official “A” or “B” IAAF /AIMS measurer followingthe IAAF rules (with the Jones Counter).
Silver and Bronze – the course has to be measured by an official measurer having at least aNational Federation qualification (“C” measurer).
Silver and Gold – a Technical Delegate must be appointed prior tothe race, decided between LOC, IAU General Secretary and Area Representative.

4. Anti-doping Control
Gold – Anti-doping control has to respect the IAAF guidelines and the numbers of controls will be discussed with theIAU. Costs are metby the race organisation or the national federation.