Ultra-running inspiration: Daniel Trusca rediscovered running at the age of 50

51-year old Daniel Trusca breaks records in ultrarunning. He ran 211.151 km in 24 hours at S24H 2018, ranking second, and he also managed an impressive 231.72 km in March 2019, at the Belgrade ultramarathon, where he won the 24-hour trial.

Daniel does not intend to stop here. He has been rigorously preparing for this year’s IAU 24-Hour World Championship, and he has ambitious training plans.

Read his story in the below article!

Did you practice any sports in your childhood or teenage years?

As a child, I only did athletics up to the 8th grade, and I had become the best in the club, but my sports journey ended rather abruptly at that point. In my last high-school year, I participated in 2 orienteering contests, which I truly enjoyed, so, in my first college year, in 1987, I became National Champion of the Universities, and in 1988 I won the International Sports Orienteering Championships of Romania – the Valea Prahovei Trophy.

After college, during the 3 years I spent working in Italy, I was part of a cycling club – MA TRA GAS RHO – GS PANIFICIO TINA MILAN, where I managed to win several cycling competitions. At home, I have three cups I won in Milan.

Back in the country, I set aside all forms of sports for 23 years, as I worked like crazy in the Romanian transition.

What is the best thing ultrarunning has given you?

When I turned 50, I became wise enough to understand that life is more than just work, and I restarted doing what I enjoyed in my youth – running!

Ultrarunning has brought positive things on all levels: stress elimination, excellent health, finding a community of beautiful people, and the feeling of freedom given by running.

How do you overcome the difficult moments in a race?

In a race, my mind is always on the self-imposed distances for every race hour. As I am very focused on the competition, I am extremely alert to what my body conveys, so that I can manage to get maximum results.

What would you recommend to a person who wants to start running ultramarathons?

To those who want to start running ultramarathons, I would first of all recommend discovering what motivates them to the greatest extent and, in terms of training, starting to increase running volumes. Their training speed is definitely less important than the running volumes they achieve.

What are your plans for this year, in terms of running?

In May I will be running at S24H Timisoara, in the 12-hour race, and then I will start training for the IAU 24-Hour World Championships from Albi, in France, where my wish is to have the honour of competing for Romania. To this end, I have in view over 4,000 kilometres of training, starting in June. Along the way, I will be running several marathons, but I will only regard them as trainings for the World Championships in October, where I am aiming for a new Personal Best.